Do you have an existing corporation?

Ancan offers full corporate bookkeeping, payroll and tax services.  We are happy to advise on the status of your corporation and provide insights into how you may use your corporation to the best advantage. 

We always ensure that your business is abiding by all GAAP’s (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency. These services partner with the bookkeeping and payroll service that we offer all businesses and entitles the client to an extensive view of the exact financial position of their corporation. Up to date bookkeeping allows for the very best decision to be made as to when and how monies may be distributed with the least tax implications.

As well as providing up to date record keeping and information to make crucial business decisions, Ancan also offers yearend preparation of the T2 Corporate Tax Return and financial statements.

For larger corporations who prefer or require a yearend audit or review conducted by a Chartered Accountant, we are more than happy to work with your chosen CA or CPA and provide a full and balanced set of books so they may conduct their work efficiently and without stress to the management of the corporation.


 By choosing to incorporate you are creating a separate entity. This new business’s financial affairs must be kept entirely separated from that of the management; with that separation comes responsibility and extra costs involved not only in the setup but moving forward with reporting.

It is very important to seek advice prior to taking the step of incorporating. There are many advantages to forming a corporation but there are also many types of business situations where this is not necessary. Small business startups may be better suited to run as a sole proprietorship/partnership for one or two years prior to making that commitment. We want to ensure all new businesses understand

We love to meet with our clients at every stage of their business. We can offer advice not only from experience but also we have learned the pitfalls and can guide you in the right direction if needed.

One you have made the decision to build a corporation, we offer incorporation services with CRA registration at a very reasonable rate. We will ensure that you are set up for absolute success on your new venture.

“I am an incorporated sports and fitness company with 2 locations, 6 full time employees and 10 part time employees. I have been working with Ancan Business Services since 2011 and would recommend them to anyone. They continue to go above and beyond and make money management, taxes and payroll very easy for me and stress free. Highly recommended, wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Sports and Fitness Industry

Corporation – 16 Employees, Client of 8 years